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Article: Styling tips: Planters 101

Styling tips: Planters 101

Styling tips: Planters 101

Styling Tips

Hi Plant Lover,

At Capra Designs, we believe that the right planter can transform any space, bringing life and personality to your home or office. To help you achieve the perfect look, I want to share three key principles I apply when styling our planters.
Bianca Lambert
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Combine both terrazzo and solid block colour planters to add depth and interest to your vignette. Mixing textures creates visual appeal and helps achieve balance. The speckled terrazzo contrasts beautifully with smooth, solid colours, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
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Playing with different levels adds dimension to plant arrangements. By varying the heights of your planters, you can create a more captivating and layered look that draws the eye. Taller planters can serve as striking focal points, while shorter ones add depth and complexity to the arrangement. 
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Pairing large statement planters with smaller ones creates a sense of balance and scale, making your space feel thoughtfully designed and cohesive. Large planters can anchor the design, providing a strong visual foundation, while smaller planters add intricate details and fill in gaps. 
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Create your own arrangement or utalise our examples. Get creative using different heights, colours, textures and sizes. 

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