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Article: The Beauty of Green: Indoor Pot Plants

Green flower pots_capra Designs

The Beauty of Green: Indoor Pot Plants

Green Plant Pots

Green pot plants bring a unique charm to indoor spaces, offering more than just aesthetic appeal. Green embodies freshness and vitality, infusing rooms with the beauty of nature.

Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a bohemian vibe, there's a plant and pot combination to suit every style, adding visual interest to any room. Choose from our different green options and finishes to explore your creative expression and personalisation in interior decor.

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Agave Green Plant Pot _Capra Designs

Agave  is the first green colour we used.

We still love it deeply, especially paired with Salt.

Emerald  is bright and vivid.


Having one Emerald statement vessel on its own is perfect or you can pair it with a White Terrazzo.

Emerald Green Planter _Capra Designs
Terrazzo Green Indoor Pot _Capra Designs

Emerald Terrazzo  is a textural statement.


The speckled colours in it allows it to pair perfectly with Golden, Terracotta and white.

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