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Article: The Perfect Gift for Christmas? The Etta and Eros Vase

Eros vase, rainbow object

The Perfect Gift for Christmas? The Etta and Eros Vase

Are you on the hunt for a distinctly unique interior decor object for a Christmas present? Something visually striking, beautiful, and sophisticated? Look no further because Capra Designs has you covered!

The Eros Vase and Etta Vase make the perfect gift for plant lovers and interior decor aficionados alike. All they need to complete the look is some dry stems and your loved one will be blown away by their beauty.


single stem vase


Fresh flowers are great but it is not always practical to maintain a steady supply of them in the house. When you do have flowers you want to showcase, these are the perfect vessels. And when you don’t? Well, these vases look just as good without them.

The Eros Vase is a single stem vase design but can hold a few if you want to create a fetching floral arrangement. The sculptured outline and curves are designed to catch the passing of the sun and cast transitioning shadows throughout the day. It has been designed to look beautiful whether featuring flowers or as a standalone piece and is just the right size to feature on a bookshelf or bathroom shelf.

The Tall or Dome Eros Planter can be added to create an eye-catching and seamless vignette between your potted plants and fresh flowers. The Eros vase is available in four bright and bold colors to offer a range of striking effects. The Fossil is the most subtle and would fit seamlessly into a muted color palette. The Emerald is a rich green tone and complements the natural colors of your other plants. Neptune is a deep, bold blue perfect for people who prefer block color interior decor objects over more muted tones. Finally, Musk is a playful pink hue and will add a floral feel to any room.

Dome Eros Planter


The Etta Vase is an architectural masterclass and represents the coming together of all our inspirations. Designed to evoke an imaginary landscape of tranquility and nature. The curved background is reminiscent of a rising sun, which is contrasted by a step-like design of straight lines and edges. This is a small vase that will never just fade into the background. It looks at its best with long-stemmed and vibrant flowers such as Anthuriums and Alliums. 

It is also meant to be versatile. As with the Eros Vase, this piece is designed to look great even without fresh flowers. I personally like to flip the piece on its side and use it to feature a cherished photograph or postcard. See below to see how these pieces work together in our latest Musk tone.

vase, designer tray


We hope we have served as an inspiration for your next Christmas gift. The images really speak for themselves with both these pieces and we can’t wait to hear the reactions from your loved ones when they receive their new favorite vase!

To avoid any disappointment make sure to get your orders in before our Christmas cutoff date: Sunday 19th December 12:00am!


Merry Christmas!


XX - The Capra Designs Team

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