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Article: Winter Blues? Here’s How to Elevate the Mood in Your Home

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Winter Blues? Here’s How to Elevate the Mood in Your Home

With Autumn now in full swing, the days getting shorter, and the temperatures cooling, many of us are now naturally retreating to the warmth of our homes and spending more time indoors. Personally, I like to prepare my home for this period by doing some reorganizing, introducing some new pieces, and taking extra care of my indoor plants.

With seasonal depression affecting millions of people all over the world, taking some small steps to make your house feel warm and more inviting can go a long way to combatting the effect of cold days and long nights.

Here are some of my top tips and tricks for getting your home winter ready, which interior decor objects create the coziest atmosphere, and how to properly care for your plants during the cooler months.

Layer fabrics and textiles in the bedroom and the living room.

Adding throws, cushions, and extra blankets can help keep you warmer as well as make the room look cozier aesthetically. Your couch and your bed are two key areas to focus on when trying to elevate the mood in a room. We recommend playing with different textures like velvet, wool, and satin fabric to create an interested and varied environment full of different sensory stimulation. Furthermore, as the outlook beyond the window starts to look increasingly grey, it is time to introduce more colors to the interior. I am particularly fond of the cushions from Minna and Killim.


Create a warm coffee table Vignette with a designer tray.

I love styling my coffee table to create a look that feels new and fresh. Start with a large designer tray before incorporating a few interior design objects of your choice. A small stack of books, a vase, or a designer plant pot is all that’s needed to create a stylish and warm look. All that’s missing is a hot chocolate, some mini marshmallows, and a binge-worthy TV series!

pots with trays


Don’t overlook how important smell can be.

Close your eyes and think of winter. What does your mind conjure up? While the sights of winter may be the easiest to imagine, it is the smells that truly tantalize the imagination and bring back cherished memories. A spiced apple pie cooking in the oven, mulled wine on the stovetop, the sweetness of assorted chocolate goodies. These smells make us feel good because they remind us of good times. Try adding some distinctly wintery scents and oils to your living areas (I can never say no to the mandarin essential oil). Natural soy and beeswax candles are also a great, environmentally friendly way to introduce those wintery scents.


Add some Color.

I love bright and bold colors. I believe even the lightest splash of color can do wonders to elevate anyone's mood. Add our famous Rainbow Object - an endlessly versatile statement piece inspired by the Californian rainbow motif of the 70s - or perhaps a small Etta Vase to any space for a stylish injection of color. Adorn a coffee table with a designer plant pot or two or perhaps an Eros Vase. Adding natural and varied textures can also bring life to a space. Our Cork Plant Stands are perfect for adding textures and varied verticality. 

Rainbow Object, terrazzo benjo pot


Make sure you check in on your indoor plants.

Plants typically require a little extra love and attention during the winter months. Be weary not to overwater them as they require less water than the summer months. The urge to water more frequently can also be stronger as you are spending longer at home. The last thing you want is for the roots of your plant to rot! We have done our best to promote healthy plant growth by incorporating drainage holes and water trays into all our designer plant pots and planters. This is also a good time to invest in a mister (if you haven’t already done so) as the leaves can get dryer during these months. 

Finally, consider carefully the placement of your plant. You don’t want to cook your plant by placing it over a heater but equally, you don’t want it sat in some cold dark corner. Consider moving your plants closer to the window to ensure they make the most of the limited light.

plants, Capra Designs

I hope you can make the most of these tips to help make your winters a little bit lighter and warmer. Don’t underestimate how far a new designer plant pot or designer tray can go to elevate the mood in a room!

Winter is a beautiful time of the year but it can also be a challenge for many. Stay warm, look after each other, and don’t forget about your plants!

XX - The Capra Designs Team 

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