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Article: Six Tips to Help You get the Most out of Your Terrazzo Trays

plant pot, terrazzo trays

Six Tips to Help You get the Most out of Your Terrazzo Trays

Say what you will, there are few things I enjoy more than playing with my collection of Terrazzo Trays . It feels like there is no end to the uses I can find for them or the spaces they can elevate and my collection seemingly grows larger with every passing day!

After we moved to our new home, the beautiful designer trays were amongst the first things we unboxed and put on display. Having spaces to keep our valuables dotted around the house really helped bring some much-needed semblance of order during those hectic first few days. 

decorative tray sets

Our decorative tray range is available in six different colors (salt, musk, golden, agave, white, and dusty) and in three sizes (small, medium and, you guessed it, large). They offer a fantastic way to inject a splash of color into a space or play around with size and perspective to create an interesting vignette. Personally, I enjoy combining a range of contrasting colors into a single piece but you also can’t go wrong with using the same color for a powerful statement. 

In keeping with our mission statement to offer interior decor objects that are both beautiful in form and practical in function, all our designer trays feature corked bottoms so that you don’t have to worry about scratching your surfaces and they can be stacked safely. The corked bottom also prevents them from slipping and sliding so you can be sure your valuables are safe.

In the hope of spreading the joy I feel whenever I receive a new tray, I thought I would share some of my favorite uses for them around my home. Here are just a few ways I like to use my terrazzo trays:


1. As a jewelry keepsake on my dresser table.

If you are anything like me, you are forever one earring short and missing a ring or two. The problem is, I don’t like to lock my jewelry away in a box where I will inevitably forget about one piece or another. My terrazzo trays have been a savior as I can keep all my valuables in one place but also easily see what pieces I would like to wear for the day.

terrazzo trays


2. Keep your soap and moisturizer handy in the bathroom.

Soap and moisturizer can be a nightmare if you like to keep your bathroom surfaces clean. The bottles always have a tendency to leak and that’s no good, particularly if you have a surface that isn’t easily wipe-cleanable. Thankfully, our decorative trays look great in the bathroom and are super easy to clean. Win-win! 

pots with trays


3. Get the best night's sleep with a bedside designer tray.

If you leave emptying your pockets to the last moment of the day, one of our large trays is the best place to hold all your keepsakes. Keep your phone, wallet, and keys all in one place ready and waiting for the morning. It’s also a great place to keep your bedtime glass of water handy. The cork base prevents the terrazzo tray from sliding and the raised edges will keep any accidental spillages contained. 

vases with trays

 Image by Vessel Home Goods

4. Create a gorgeous coffee table vignette.

The coffee table is one of the best places in the house to craft a stylish vignette everyone will see. Why not combine a terrazzo tray with a matching terrazzo planter for a uniform design? Or you could play around with complimentary or contrasting colors to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. 

summit planter with terrazzo tray


5. As a designer serving tray to impress your guests.

Nothing says sophistication quite like a serving tray for your Hors d'oeuvres. Arrange a couple of glasses and some snacks and get ready for one classy get-together! 

terrazzo tray with glass


6. A terrazzo tray is the perfect stylish stationery organizer for your home office.

One of the biggest benefits of so many of us being able to work from home these days is the fact that we have complete control over our working environment. In the office, our stationary holder may have been a basic mug or a metal-mesh container, but at home, we can do so much more to make our home office a space we actually enjoy spending time in.
tray with decor objects
Image by Vessel Home Goods


We hope we have inspired you with our tray ideas. Remember, this is only scratching the surface of what you can do! Our matching Keepsake Boxes are a perfect accompaniment if you are looking for some more stylish storage. They too have anti-scratch cork bases and have been designed to complement our terrazzo trays. Our terrazzo planters also look terrific atop a tray to add extra emphasis to your favorite plant. 

golden terrazzo tray, Keepsake Box


Perfect Gift Idea: : A Medium Tray Terrazzo and a Dome Keepsake Box make the perfect housewarming gift idea. 

We can’t wait to see what you come up with in your own home!


Xx - Capra Designs



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