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Capra Designs team


We are very proud of the way we ship your orders daily in the USA and wanted to share some of the standards our warehouse upholds. 

Being an Australian business, finding the good partner who we could fully trust to receive our products, to pack them securely and to deliver them to you has been quite a challenge. In fact, we were looking for a sustainable company as we were fully aware of the waste that shipping materials can create. 

Sampling process

In Australia, we've always been involved directly with packing and shipping orders and we still do it ourselves several times a week. We have managed to try different packing materials, sourced second-hand boxes and we've even often gone to our local newsagent to pick up some old newspapers!

We don't add any postcards or stickers to your orders as we believe that seeing your new Planter for the first time makes a great unpacking experience in itself, without creating additional waste.

It was quite worrying not to be able to do the same in the USA, but we found the right partner and are now happy to be able to offer green shipping to our customers.

Paperless: By the end of 2021 our fulfillment partner will be 100% paperless. This not only reduces the amount of natural resources they use, but also keeps very specific chemicals out of the watershed.

Recycling: 99.9% of the refuse that comes into our distribution center from shipments is recycled.

Packing Materials: They use brand-new recycled content boxes to ship your products. They contain up to 80% recycled pulp content. They also use paper-padded envelopes and 100% recycled plastic shipping bags. By doing this, they are able to save small forests and resources each year.

Sustainable Power: They purchase only sustainable power from their local utility company that is either wind power or hydroelectric. They'll also install urban turbines and solar panels to their facilities by the end of 2023.

Buy Local: They buy all office/packing and warehouse supplies locally.

Overall, our fulfillment partner saves enough paper to produce over 8,000 average elementary school textbooks per year!

As a woman-owned business, we also proud of working with a facility where women make up 48% of the workforce! (Shout out to Breanna who take care of your orders smoothly!)

We're constantly looking for the best way to ship your orders and to make our impact on this planet smaller.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out at

We currently offer FREE SHIPPING to any order within the USA to celebrate our Green Shipping Standards - use the code ShipFree at checkout!

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