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Article: Some fun spots to pop a Planter!

indoor plant pots

Some fun spots to pop a Planter!

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering where to fit another plant in your home!

You're probably already a pro at squeezing small planters on your shelves to fill any free space. You also have more plants than books on display and, if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, you know that the mantel is always a great spot to showcase your plants and planters.

Well, we have good news as we found some great spots to add a new Capra Designs Planter!

1- The entrance. Have you considered adding some plants to your hallway/entrance? It's the first impression visitors would get from your home, so make sure they know you love plants as soon as they step in! A large Planter displayed directly on the floor or on a small side table would look great!

Tip: This space can be darker than the rest of the house/apartment. Make sure to choose the right specimen like a Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Zee Zee Plant) for example.


roma plant pot with flower


2- The top of your fridge! I always wonder what to add on top of a fridge. Most of the time it looks messy. Adding a plant can nicely fill this empty space and partially hide this (most of the time) dis-gracious appliance.

Tip: Choose a leafy trailing plant for the best effect like a Pothos or some kind of Philodendron.

3- Next to your bathroom sink. It's quite common to have some hanging Planters above a bathtub or shower, but a small Pot placed by a sink look really nice and elegant. Again, make sure to choose the rights plants for this wet area.

Tip: If you wish to add more plants in your bathroom, use a Cork Plant Stand to vary the heights (cork is a natural water repellent) to create a sophisticated result.


etch plant pot, Munash Organics


4-Squeeze a Pot on your windowsill. Some plants will love soaking all the sun rays they can + our bright Pots' colors won't fade in the sun.

Tip: a simple Cacti would thrive as well as a Sansevieria Trifasciata


decorative indoor etch pots


We hope this article will inspire you to add more plants in your home!

xx - the Capra Designs team

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