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Article: Repurposing Discarded Ceramic Pots for Our Terrazzo Planters

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Repurposing Discarded Ceramic Pots for Our Terrazzo Planters

Whenever we get the opportunity to visit our manufacturer I always walk away with a renewed feeling of inspiration. It seems everything we see sparks a new idea that we cannot wait to incorporate into our existing collection.

I have worked with the same small-scale family-run business since the inception of Capra Designs and they know to expect a whole lot of experimentation whenever I visit!

One of the things that really stood out to me on my many trips to our manufacturer was the sheer amount of discarded ceramic pots they had in their inventory. These were pots that, for one reason or another, had not passed the firing or quality control process. 

Sustainability is deeply important to me and was a founding principle upon which we wanted to build Capra Designs. I am always looking for ways to up-cycle or repurpose materials that would otherwise be discarded and forgotten about. As soon as I saw these pots I felt a lightbulb of inspiration: they would make the perfect chips for our terrazzo planters and terrazzo trays.

The process of terrazzo originated in 16th century Italy as a means to repurpose offcut pieces of stone that would be otherwise discarded. The natural earthy tones of clay permeated by specks of white and blue glazing proved to be just the natural terrazzo we had been searching for. Our collection now features a broad range of interior design objects incorporating terrazzo to stunning effect. Below is a selection of some of our favorites.


The Sol Planter Fossil Terrazzo 

The Sol Terrazzo Planter featured here in fossil is the flagship of our Sol Collection. The curved back emulates the shape of the rising sun and offers the perfect backdrop to any plant. Alternatively, the ‘rising sun’ can be forefronted to really highlight the unique shape.

Sol Pot Fossil Terrazzo 


The Archie Planter Fossil Terrazzo 

The Archie Planter in Fossil really emphasizes the bright specks of terrazzo. All designs are handmade and thus no two are the same.

Archie Planter Fossil Terrazzo 

The Archie Planter Terracotta Terrazzo

Alternatively, the Terracotta brings rich earthy tones to the terrazzo planter and is evocative of a plant with its roots embedded in natural, healthy soil.
Archie Planter Terracotta Terrazzo

 The Sol Planter Neptune Terrazzo

Finally, the Sol Planter in Neptune captures the hues of a setting sun against a deep blue sky.

Sol Planter Neptune Terrazzo

All pots come with trays incorporated into the design so that you can be sure your cherished plants are experiencing proper drainage. Drawing much of our inspiration from the beauty of nature, it is a privilege to give back through the repurposing of materials.

We hope you too can find inspiration in our up-cycling endeavors and we thank you for supporting our journey toward a more ecologically conscious future!

XX - The Capra Designs Team



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