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Article: Creating the Perfect Home Working Space

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Creating the Perfect Home Working Space

Despite the end of lockdowns, working from home looks to remain a part of many of our lives. With no commute, flexible schedules, and the comfort that comes from working in your own space it’s no wonder that people all over the world are continuing to embrace this new way of living. 

The trouble is that before the pandemic many of us did not have a space in our household that was actually dedicated to working on a long-term basis. Establishing a clear boundary between work and recreational space within the home is vitally important to our productivity during work hours and mental wellbeing outside of them.

Depending on the size or layout of your home this is not always the easiest thing to achieve but don’t worry,
Capra Designs is on hand with some handy tips and tricks.

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1. Ideally speaking, the perfect home office should be a completely separate room, dedicated solely to work endeavors. However, that is not always a possibility. In the absence of a spare room, it is often good to consider the layout of the spaces you do have available. Is there a recess or an alcove in your living area? Somewhere you could partition from the rest of the room with some cleverly positioned interior decor objects
The area doesn’t have to be particularly large, anywhere you can place a modestly sized work desk should suffice. Painting a section to create a feature wall can be a great way to alter the flow of a room and make it feel like a uniquely defined space. You can further define a separate area with the inclusion of a differently designed carpet or distinctive rug.

Distinctive interior decor objects such as large plant pots and an accompanying plant can also act as a physical divide between two spaces. Our Large Etch Planter and Large Summit Planter would be perfect for this need. 

Capra Designs, designer vase
2. Whether you live in a large multi-floor house or single room studio, creating a sense of ‘commuting’ from the office to the home is vitally important. Many of us have found that home working has blurred the lines between our ‘on’ and ‘off’ times. We have a tendency to answer emails and work on little projects at times we never would have before.

Incorporating little rituals into your daily routine can help redefine these important boundaries. We recommend storing your laptop in a drawer at the end of each day to remove the visual temptation to continue working. This will also quickly become a habit that signifies to your brain the time has come to transition from work to leisure.

Keeping your workspace as neat and organized as possible can also help prevent your workspace from encroaching into your private space. A large designer tray can help keep all your stationary and papers in a single place while also creating a calming aesthetic.

3. Incorporating added verticality to your work area can create the illusion of it being larger than it actually is. Bookshelves serve the dual purpose of enhancing the feel of your workspace and adding some much-needed storage. The obvious use of a bookshelf is to efficiently store your files and other papers. However, this should also act as a space to display some touches of warmth and comfort. A curated selection of plants can be a soothing addition to any workspace.

We particularly recommend the Eros Vase - an eye-catching single stem vase that perfectly complements any existing decor.

fancy flower vases, beautiful decor object

4. Leading on from our third point, plants and plant pots really are an ideal way to enhance any space and bring a sense of tranquility. You really can’t go wrong with your placement; next to your laptop or monitor, hanging from the rafters, adorning your new bookshelf, any free space is space made for a leafy friend. It has been proven that plants help to promote productivity whilst also relieving stress within the work place. Just be careful not to overdo it. The idea is to create a tranquil oasis of productivity, not a jungle of distraction.

Our small designer planters are available in a wide range of designs and are the perfect size for the desk or a bookshelf. Mix and match different styles to create an intriguing but harmonious overall aesthetic.

For more tips and tricks, don’t miss our post on creating the perfect Shelfie - a shelf so Instagram-worthy that we have dedicated an entire day to it! #ShelfieSaturday

We can’t wait to see the inspiring workspaces you all create!

XX - Capra Designs Team


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