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Article: Plant Lovers Rejoice: These are the Perfect Gifts

planters with trays

Plant Lovers Rejoice: These are the Perfect Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for the plant lover(s) in your life is not always the most straightforward endeavor. While our designer vases and planters are sure to bring a smile to the face of any true plant adorer, what other gifts can you turn to when you want to give something a other than a plant pot or potted specimen? 

Turns out there is a huge industry of niche and mainstream products catering to the plant aficionados out there; from accessories to beautiful interior decor objects, stunning notebooks to jigsaw puzzles, there is something new for everyone! 

Here is a list of our 10 favorite gifts to bring joy to your leafy adorers. We know we wouldn’t mind receiving any of the presents on this list *hint hint*...

1. The Romanesco-inspired candle from Piera Bochner really is too pretty to burn.

The romanesco is a wonderfully strange and exotic-shaped vegetable originating from the romance-infused lands of Central Italy. The exotic and bold coloring is inspired by the overflowing stalls of Chinatown, NY, and evokes a feeling of bountiful exuberance. Each wax pour is truly one of a kind, with no two ever being the same. 
Piera also creates star fruit and melon candles alongside all kinds of other wondrous and whacky produce-inspired creations. Imagine how pretty this would look lit atop one of our Terrazzo Trays.

Decorative Items for the House

Image: Too Pretty to Burn

2. Beautiful Floral Notebook by Rifle Paper Co.

There’s something about a love of plants that seems to go hand in hand with a creative and inquisitive mind. We love to scrapbook, design, imagine, and create. But where do we keep all these thoughts? These vibrantly stunning, floral-designed notebooks are the perfect way to combine a love of colorful plants and elegant stationery. We like to use ours as a place to keep all our latest designer plant pot inspirations in one place!hand-made

Image: Rifle Paper

3. Treat your plants to these crafted hanging brass animals, the perfect accompaniment to any plant pot.

What is the best gift for a true plant lover? Why a gift for their plants, of course! The pet industry has embraced gifts for our furry family members for the longest time now, it's about time we did the same for our leafy companions. You’ve already gifted the perfect designer plant pot, now take things to the next level with an intricately designed dragonfly, perhaps a mischievous hanging monkey, or an adorable hanging sloth. These brass designs are lightweight and delicate enough to adorn your favorite plant without risking any damage to the stem or plant. Get yours here.

housewarming gift ideas

Image: Another Studio

4. ‘Ordinary Habit’ is the perfect jigsaw for any puzzle lover.

Jigsaw puzzles have gone through something of a renaissance in recent years, spurred on by the increased free time lockdowns granted many of us. This beautifully designed 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is one of the best ways we could think of to while away the hours in plant heaven.

The House Plant

Image: Ordinary People

5. Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaf'fs book "Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After With Plants":

Igor and Judith's second book is a great guide to care for your indoor plants while diving into their benefits. Surround yourself with plants and enjoy the positive energy and great vibes they bring to your life.

planters with drainage

Image: The Victorian Atlanta

6. Yield's Ceramic or Glass Meso Incense Holder

These sculptural incense holders make a perfect small sculptural gift and adorn any shelf or bedside table beautifully.

made by hand


hand crafted

Images: Yield Design 

7. Ripple Tumbler Water Glasses

These lovely organically shaped water glasses are a beautiful addition to any kitchen shelves or tablescape. Their silhouette and retro colors make a lasting impression and make a great gift. 


Image: Sage Street Art

8. Paper bouquet by Studio Roof

The cutest paper bouquet to build and compose yourself. These flowers arrived flat pack and have to be assembled before displaying them in a vase or hanging them from the ceiling for a delicate and poetic result.

housewarming gift ideas

Image: Woonwinkel

9. Haws stylish watering can.

Perfectly sized and shaped for watering your indoor plants, the Fazely Flow Sage is a stunningly designed instrument equal parts function and beautyl. As an interior decor object, this masterfully handcrafted design is made to adorn the finest plant collections for the most discerning of aficionados.

chic watering can

Image: Haws

10. Proba Home's Arrangement Pillow

Match your home decor with the vibrant and unique Proba Home's Pillows or make it a bold statement piece.

home decor objects

Image: Proba Home

We’ve no doubt that any plant lover would find themselves overjoyed to receive any one of these gifts. Just don’t forget to pair it with one of our designer plant pots to complete the package. We may be looking to diversify our gift-giving portfolio here, but where would we be without the trusty plant pot?! 

We can’t wait to hear how you made a plant lover's day with your thoughtful gifts.


Xx - The Capra Designs Team

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