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Article: Introducing Our Latest Collection: ‘Acme’

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Introducing Our Latest Collection: ‘Acme’

It is with much excitement that we at Capra Designs introduce the latest collection to our portfolio - Acme. We cannot wait to see how you will incorporate these beautiful pieces into your existing home decor.

The Acme collection draws inspiration from the tranquility of isolation and seeks to capture the gradual passage of time through the seasons. 

We welcome you now to explore this new collection with us and get a sense of what makes Acme so unique. 

designer pots

One distinguishing feature of this collection which differentiates it from others is the inclusion of an all-new ‘speckle’ finish. Speckle is a lighter and subtler take on the designs you will find on our popular terrazzo plant pots and terrazzo trays and has been designed to add a gentle, nuanced texture to your interior decorating. This new color is available on our Speckle Planters and Catchall Trays (featured below).

terrazzo trays

Another exciting inclusion is the addition of three entirely new and uniquely eye-catching pot designs. Blending trusted heritage with future design, all three integrate our signature water trays to offer pots with exceptional drainage. 

Our first design has already proved very popular after it was launched as a sneak preview earlier in the year. The Spring Planter was aptly named as a symbol of something new - a beacon of hope following the relentless lockdowns we experienced over the past couple of years.

The lines and contours of each planter are designed to add an additional layer of texture to your interior decor. They feature a blend of delicate curves and bold lines to bring the different aspects of mother nature into your home.

white indoor pots

The chosen palette is inspired by the rich earthy tones of nature and brings a touch of enriching elegance to any space. The understated Navy, Clay, and White colors represent the standout additions to our collection of designer plant pots while the inclusion of Musk and Agave offers additional tones of freshness. Together they represent an exciting opportunity to introduce more playful color combinations into your home.

designer plant pots

While we designed this collection it is now over to you to realize its full potential. How you introduce our brand new speckle finish or mix and match the earthy tones and nature-inspired shapes of our designer plant pots is yours to play with. We cannot wait to see what you come up with!

The full collection is available to pre-order now and shipments will dispatch commencing the 20th of October.

XX - The Capra Designs Team

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