Eco-Resin Vases - A Perfect Solution

New design collection solves two major hurdles every artist faces.
Early 2016 saw the launch of Capra Designs second collection, Aurora. Throughout the process of creating this collection, maker Bianca was faced with two challenges in making the eco resin pots, which she discovered were common hurdles for artists working in similar disciplines.
The challenges; reducing wastage and not compromising on creativity when in production mode.
Undesirably, during the production of pots, excess resin was accumulating quickly and being disposed: “It became obvious that a new product could rise up from this wastage and by producing this new product, overall wastage was drastically minimised.” Said Bianca. While the new vases are essentially a by-product of original works, they still uphold the individual uniqueness that is inherent with Capra Designs.
The second challenge was maintaining and nurturing creativity during production. "I'm sure for many makers reaching the production stage of a collection yearn to be back in design mode. I have felt the same way. With the creation of the vases I am still designing during production because the pieces are borne from the production stage.”
Each vase is unique in shape, size, colour and pour technique and therefore nurtures creativity with each and every vase produced. 
The vases have been inspired by the conscious production and their value lies in their uniqueness, which is unrepeatable.

resin vaseresin vase and side table

When your indoor plants are thriving you gain a sense of accomplishment.

Bianca Lambert

The story behind Capra Designs