How a pot plant or five is good for you, By Andrew Trounson, University of Melbourne

We've found an article that gives us an excuse to add as many indoor plants to our collection as we like! I'm proud to be a plant lady and have a great scientific reason to back up my obsession!  

"...A new analysis of decades of past research suggests that if you add a few more plants you’ll have enough to strip out the toxic organic compounds coming off your walls, carpets and furniture and could be making you feel sick. And even if the air is already clean, just looking at your plants can be enough to make you feel good, energised and more productive.
Researchers from the University of Melbourne and RMIT have crunched the data on just over 100 peer-reviewed research papers going back 50 years to establish some general guidelines on using plants to make our indoor spaces healthier and more satisfying. And with urbanites spending 90 per cent of their lives indoors it is clearly time to think harder about how we bring nature inside.
The research forms the basis of a new virtual reality app, Plant Life Balance, that provides guidelines and ideas for adding pot plants to your home by rating the implied air quality and wellbeing of your rooms based on the number of plants you have or don’t have. It is part of a campaign by Horticulture Innovation Australia to promote the health benefits of plants.

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When your indoor plants are thriving you gain a sense of accomplishment.

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