Styling tips for your home office

Working from home has become the new norm in many households around the globe over the last couple of years. 

It has created new needs in our homes which were not necessarily arranged to be a long-term workspace. Accommodating a home office can be tricky but we have some tips for you.

handmade flower vases

1. The ideal situation for a good home office, is to have it separate from the living space. That being said, we know it's not always possible. If you can't have a separate room, is there an alcove in your living room you can use? Can you add a small desk in an unused corner of the room? Partially painting a wall to define your space can be sufficient to have that feeling of being in a different place. Having a colourful rug on the floor could also work.

A large specimen and a large pot, such as a Large Etch Pot or Large Summit Pot, can also separate 2 spaces visually.

Capra Designs, designer vase

2. Even if you live in a small house, or in a studio, it is important to find a way to have the feeling of leaving the office every evening. I would store my laptop every night in a drawer. Not having your computer in sight will be less stressful and will create a ritual to help you find a balance between work and free time.

A Large Tray can be your perfect work companion as it can help you store all your pens, notebooks and office supply neatly in one place.

3. Adding bookshelves to your workspace is important to store files and documents neatly but also to give a sense of height to your desk corner while allowing you to display some inspiring and decorative items.

An Eros Vase is a beautiful object that would fit nicely in any decor.

fancy flower vases, beautiful decor object

4. Pots and plants can help you make your workspace more personal. Don't be afraid of having plants next to your screen, on your new bookshelves, hanging from the ceiling or by your desk. In fact, having plants in work spaces reduce stress and increase productivity but be reasonable: the idea here is to create a fresh and uncluttered decor which will motivate you to work, not distract you. :)

Add a couple of small pots on your desk and a variety on your bookshelves for a dynamic and harmonious result. It's time to practice your Shelfie! Having some hanging planters can also help you save some shelf space.