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Capra Designs newest collection, titled Match Stick, has a strong focus on surface design. 

The name speaks to the the sticks of copper and zinc inlayed into the resin surface.

The result is a sumptuous finish coupled with luxurious colours that could be used as neutrals or features in any home. 

Colour has always played a major part in Capra Designs collections.   

The colours selected for the Match Stick range have been done so to enhance the shine of the copper and zinc.

As Capra Designs moves toward a more earthy palette a new colour has been introduced which is a rich red, named Garnet.

Capra Designs small batch and hand made production allows for the attention to detail required to create such intricate surfaces. 

“The hand made process is really important to me it allows for there to be beauty in the imperfections,” said Ms Lambert.

This collection also includes new design objects featuring a small and large vase which mimics the shape of Capra Designs' Banjo Pot.

The Minimo pot and plant stand is back and adored for it's size and shape making it perfect for air plants and succulents. 

The collections designers, Thomas Wilson and Bianca Lambert, give great value to the design and experimentation process as they continue to expand their range of homewares.

Rocky Road / Aug 2017

Rocky Road is an apt name for this collection being that it incorporates layered colours and texture and conjures thoughts of the fun and festive seasons.

This collection has new and surprising twists to some old favourites while maintaining Capra Designs signature designs, colours and finishes.

Capra Designs co-owner, Bianca, sees colour as evolutionary and therefore palettes slowly change from collection to collection rather than being re-invented. The palette always sways closer to the warm side as she is drawn to warm colours.

Brushed brass has been making a subtle appearance in Capra Designs ever growing collection. However, in this collection it’s here to make a statement and stand strong as a feature.

The plant stands and hangers are now available in matt white, matt black and brushed brass. The flat finishes ensure a modern yet timeless look.

The hand made resin pots have maintained an impactful punch of colour and now feature a terrazzo style and is available in a larger sizes.

The terrazzo range spans from plant wares to homewares with new coasters/trivets and clocks also now available in this speckled goodness.

Their range of products continues to increase with their debut textile range developed in collaboration with Byron Bay textile designer, Anna Sassi.

The result is a striking and complimentary collection which is both fun and refined. Each piece in the collection is hand screen printed on 100% linen.

aurora / june 2016


premier / nov 2015