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large terrazzo tray for decorating_capra designslarge decorative tray salt_capra designs
Terrazzo Tray Sale priceFrom $19.00 AUD
Cream indoor pot with plantterrazzo indoor planter with tray
Archie Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
agave designer plant potsagave designer pots
Etch Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
Terracotta Roma designer pot with plantIndoor pot with saucer
Roma Pot Sale price$95.00 AUD
decorative indoor plant potsSalt Terrazzo pots
Terrazzo Banjo Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
musk terrazzo hanging plantersmusk terrazzo hanging pots
Terrazzo Dome Hanging Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
Crescent Plant StandWhite plant stand_Capra Designs
Crescent Plant Stand Sale priceFrom $285.00 AUD
agave terrazzo hanging pots with plantagave terrazzo hanging pots
Terrazzo Hanging Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
Spring PotSpring Pot
Spring Pot Sale price$89.00 AUD
Block Colour Dome Hanging Potsalt hanging planter
Block Colour Dome Hanging Pot Sale price$129.00 AUD
Bud PotCapra Designs_Green Indoor Pot
Bud Pot Sale price$139.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Indoor Planter Stand_planters with StandIndoor flower stands_planter stand indoor
Cork Plant Stand Sale price$125.00 AUD
Small Archie Pot Golden Terrazzo pot With plantSmall Archie Pot Golden Terrazzo pot
Small Archie Pot Sale price$45.00 AUD
white Solstice Pot With planterWhite Solstice plant Pot in hand With tray
Solstice Pot Sale price$115.00 AUD
agave terrazzo boxagave terrazzo box open
Terrazzo Dome Keepsake Box Sale price$45.00 AUD
salt hanging pots with plantsalt hanging pots
Block Colour Hanging Pot Sale price$69.00 AUD
salt Terrazzo Keepsake Cone Shapes Boxsalt Terrazzo Keepsake Cone Shapes Box
Terrazzo Cone Keepsake Box Sale price$45.00 AUD
Desert etch pot with plantslat decorative plant pots
Large Etch Pot Sale price$189.00 AUD
Specked Tray Large White Clay Speckle propsSpecked Tray Large White Clay Speckle
Speckled Tray Sale priceFrom $19.00 AUD
Rainbow Object Cool 3Colorful Rainbow Object
Rainbow Object Sale price$89.00 AUD
trays with a decorative flairlarge even steven designer trays
Even Steven Tray Sale priceFrom $15.00 AUD
gift card for indoor pots and homewares
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00 AUD
Tonic with Seaweed and Indoor Plants
Duo Tone Cork PlacematsCapra Designs_table decor
Duo Tone Cork Placemats Sale priceFrom $35.00 AUD
Eco Conscious Homewares Capra Designs CorkCapra Designs_Cork_Bar Decor_Tray
Cork Trays Sale priceFrom $89.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Cork CoasterCapra Designs_Coaster Set
Duo Tone Cork Coasters Sale priceFrom $26.00 AUD
Large Bowl - Natural Colour - Capra Designs - Corklarge bowl - fruit bowl - bread bowl - Capra Designs
Cork Bowl Sale price$165.00 AUD
Capra Designs_Cork Trivet_Designer DecorCapra Designs_Cork Designer Trivet
Cork Arch Trivet Sale price$115.00 AUD