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This blog post was long overdue, but we thought it was a good time to present our small team a little more.

Capra Designs team

We have realized, while responding to our daily emails, chatting to our stockists or answering your inquiries on Instagram, that some customers envision Capra Designs as a business with a large team behind it. As we don't sell our products in a physical store, it can be difficult to see the people behind a brand and a website, and we totally get that!

The truth is, we are 3 people working for Capra Designs, including its founders, Bianca and Thomas!

Juliette joined the team in August 2019 and is now working remotely from France since June 2020! (yes, we know, it is pretty unusual).

Here is a little bit more about our roles:

Bianca is the boss lady! She makes all the big decisions, partnerships and new projects. She has a general vision and is aware of everything that is going on! With a background in marketing, she is in charge of A LOT of things and has many many roles within Capra including the following: designer, production manager, marketing manager and sales manager.

terrazzo tray with planters, hanging planters

Tom is Bianca's right wing. A great adviser, who works part time for Capra Designs in our Australian warehouse. He brings his fresh and creative eye to the designs. He is the man behind photoshoot set designs and is always able to find practical solutions to solve our problems.

modern vase

Juliette is an architectural graduate who started working for Capra Designs in the Australian warehouse, to pack your orders. She is now in charge of our USA market ( living in France, between Australia and the USA time zones), replies to your emails everyday ( if Bianca hasn't done it first ), and makes sure our Instagram account and newsletters look great. She also designs new products with Bianca. 

Design meeting

And that's it!

We are really grateful for all our stockists that make our products look amazing all around the World and tell our story better than we do! They are part of our extended team!


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