Mother's day is around the corner, here's all the inspiration you need.

1- A vase is always a great idea. 


one-stemmed vase


This is a classic. A vase for Mother's Day is such a sweet gift as it can be used immediately. For the occasion, we created the Etta Vase, a sculptural vase that can be displayed in many different ways to showcase its steps or its large curve. The Eros Vase is also a beautiful gift that can adorn any shelves. Add a lovely bunch of flowers or a few stems for the perfect gift!

small vase


2- A couple of pots.


terrazzo planters with trays, roma pot


If your Mum is a plant lady, a pair of colourful pots is a joyful gift! You can choose to mix and match your pots and to choose a Banjo Pot and a Summit Pot for example, or to select assorted pots, like two Etch Pots, or two Roma Pots or even to play with the terrazzo textures and block colours! The possibilities are endless. Add a Munash Organics products pack so she can get ready to re-pot her plants!


3- The perfect set to decorate any bedside table.


modern vase, home decor rainbow objects


Get creative by sending your Mum a set of colourful homewares to decorate her bedside or coffee table. A cute Terrazzo Keepsake Box and Rainbow Object could a great duo. Or maybe a set of Even Steven Trays? Two gifts are better than one! If you lack inspiration, have a read at our "the perfect vignette" article.


home decor objects


We hope these suggestions will help you! Remember to order by the 2nd of May for delivery on time for Mother's Day!


When your indoor plants are thriving you gain a sense of accomplishment.

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